Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sequans launches its next generation 40nm LTE chips

40nm and embedded DRAM give higher performance and ultra low power consumption in a tiny package

4G chipmaker Sequans Communications has launched three new FDD and TDD LTE baseband chips, a companion RF chip, and two new LTE platforms, supporting all global FDD and TDD LTE networks. The chips will ship in December and  represent the state of the art in LTE semiconductor technology. They are designed in 40 nm CMOS process technology and deliver industry-leading low power consumption and high performance in a very small form factor. The new baseband chips, along with RF chips, reference designs and comprehensive software, comprise one of two platforms Sequans has designed to support two distinct market segments. The first platform, Andromeda, is customised for the design of handsets and tablets, and the second, Mont Blanc, is customised for the design of mobile hotspots, USB dongles and CPE modems.
All the devices include embedded SDRAM and support all global FDD and TDD bands, are 3GPP R9 compliant, and deliver category 4 throughput of up to 150 Mbps. The chips feature Sequans’ innovative low power consumption technology, developed over several years, which delivers ultra low power consumption in both idle and active modes. All chips support voice over LTE (VoLTE) and come with complete LTE protocol stack and host software.

  • SQN3110 FDD/TDD LTE baseband system-on-chip. The SQN3110, part of Sequans’ Andromeda LTE platform, is designed for the smallest of LTE mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It comprises an LTE baseband modem and SDRAM in a 10 x 10 x 1.04 mm package, optimizing both the footprint and the cost of LTE devices.
  • SQN3120 FDD/TDD LTE baseband system-on-chip. The SQN3120, part of Sequans’ Mont Blanc LTE platform, is designed for mobile routers, CPE and hostless USB dongles. It comprises an LTE baseband modem, an integrated, customer-programmable applications processor, and SDRAM in a 10 x 10 x 1.04 mm package, optimizing both the footprint and cost of mobile routers, CPE and USB dongles.
  • SQN5110 FDD/TDD LTE and WiMAX dual-mode baseband system-on-chip. The SQN5110, part of Sequans’ Andromeda LTE platform, is the industry’s first single die, dual-mode WiMAX/LTE solution. It is the centerpiece of Sequans’ 4Sight network migration and coexistence initiative, designed to facilitate a graceful transition for operators moving from WiMAX to LTE, and for device makers wishing to provide future-proof products. The chip comprises independent dual-4G basebands and embedded SDRAM in a 10 x 10 x 1.04 mm package, optimizing both the footprint and cost of dual-mode WiMAX/LTE devices.
  • SQN3140 RFIC for TDD LTE devices. The SQN3140 is an integrated, direct-conversion RF transceiver supporting major TDD bands. It is designed to combine with Sequans’ Andromeda platform baseband chips, SQN3110 or dual mode SQN5110, and Mont Blanc platform baseband chip, SQN3120, to provide a total solution to manufacturers for a wide range of cost-effective TD-LTE end user devices such as smartphones, MIDs, tablets, routers, CPE, datacards, USB dongles, PCI Express MiniCards or Half MiniCards and more. The SQN3140 supports 3GPP LTE band classes 38 and 40-43 and WiMAX bands 2.3, 2.5, and 3.5 GHz. The SQN3140 includes embedded converters and delivers world-class RF performance in a 7 x 7 x 0.925 package.
  • Integrated third party RF for FDD LTE devices. As a complement to Sequans’ SQN3140 RFIC and to ensure a total global solution for any and all LTE frequency bands not covered by Sequans SQN3140 RFIC, Sequans has established an agreement with Fujitsu Semiconductor whereby Fujitsu’s 2G/3G/LTE RF solution (part number MB86L12A) is combined with Sequans’ new LTE baseband solutions. The Fujitsu RF solution supports all major bands worldwide and will be pre-integrated and fully validated with Sequans’ LTE chips by Sequans.
“We are pleased and proud to offer these powerful, yet highly energy and cost efficient LTE platforms to our global customers,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “These platforms are based on our second generation LTE technology, incorporating the latest advances in LTE semiconductor science and reflecting our many years of experience in 4G, working with operators and manufacturers all over the world. Our new LTE platforms are uniquely comprehensive, supporting all global TDD and FDD networks from 700 MHz to above 3.5 GHz, and designed to meet the needs of device manufacturers for all types of devices in the most efficient way possible.”
“Our LTE technology has been tested and proven in collaboration with nearly all of the world’s leading system vendors in numerous networks on five continents,” he said. “The robustness and maturity of our solutions has been established, along with our record for delivering cost-effective and high performance 4G semiconductor solutions to the market year after year. We are thrilled to unveil these new LTE solutions today and are confident that they will be recognized as the industry’s most compact and cost-effective solutions for adding LTE connectivity to 4G devices."
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